Sock Club's Guide to Mastering Event Marketing

Person packing custom socks for event giveaway

How to Create a Successful Event Marketing Strategy

Event marketing is vital because it can help you increase your attendance rates by implementing event promotion, and increase your conversion rate by implementing post-show follow-ups.

The 3 essential parts of a successful event marketing strategy are email marketing, a social media strategy, and trade show giveaways.

Your event email strategy should contain segmentation, personalization, and pre/post-show sequences. This type of email strategy will help you with event promotion and increase your event conversion rate.

Your social strategy should contain an organic, paid, and post-event strategy. A strong social strategy can also help you with event promotion.

Lastly, trade show giveaways will help you drive traffic to your booth and give your prospects something to remember you by.

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Sock Club tradeshow booth display

What Makes a Successful Trade Show Booth?

Trade shows are a great way to get your brand in front of a large number of high-quality leads. However, trade show booth execution should not be taken lightly. You need to stand out, offer something different, and be engaging. You need to be able to draw in a crowd with your booth and not just hollering at people to come over and hear your elevator pitch. Your booth should feel inviting.

These are Sock Club's tips for creating a successful trade show booth: set a goal, designate a leader, start planning early, create a great design, create engaging content, provide lots of things for people to do at your booth, and make it easy for people to get in touch with you after the show is over.

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Person holding argyle socks received for virtual event

How Do You Make a Virtual Event a Success?

Post pandemic, many companies chose to permanently adopt and lean into the virtual world. They closed offices and were able to hire top-tier talent globally since they were no longer restricted by their location. Virtual weekly meetings, virtual happy hours, and virtual summits have become the norm for some Fortune 50 companies. But how do you make sure these virtual events are a success?

The first step in making a virtual event successful is creating a virtual event marketing plan. This is going to include your email campaign strategy, social strategy, and planning for your event giveaways.

The biggest pain point that virtual event attendees experience is not being able to form in-person connections and networking opportunities. So when constructing your strategy, take into account how you're going to engineer connections and make virtual feel real!

Click the link below to learn why these strategies are important and how to implement them for your next virtual event!

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Person looking at custom logo socks for event

Fast Facts About Event Giveaways


Of attendees are more likely to enter an exhibit if there is a giveaway or freebie (Princeton Marketing)


Of recipients of promotional products will look the brand up online later (SAGE)


Of consumers say the quality of a promotional item impacts brand reputation (PPAI)


Of product recipients did business with the advertiser who gave them the item (SAGE)

How to Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget with Branded Swag

Why are Custom Socks Perfect for Event Promotion?

Sock Club custom sock wall

Why are Custom Socks perfect for Trade Show Giveaways?

Hand holding black SXSW socks with light blue SXSW logo

Best Trade Show Giveaways of 2022

Black and white trade show swag for Kano

How Companies Like Yours Have Used Custom Socks for Event Promotion

Blue argyle Affinity custom logo socks

Affinity Delights Prospects with Custom Socks at Trade Shows

There's a new generation of creative apps for professionals, and Affinity is leading the way. Created by a passionate team of programmers and artists, they provide creatives with the best in the industry with high-quality tools, innovation, and reliable apps. As a creative platform, visual representation means everything, and when company swag became a need for an upcoming tradeshow, they needed an out-of-the-box product.

“We were searching for a unique branded item that could be easily shipped to our customers and prospects…Our team and prospects love them so much we had to order more.” - Anne Gherini

“When attending trade shows, shipping can become a burden and add up. Sock Club was able to assist with transportation and help make sure the show ran smoothly.”

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Black Contino logo socks with purple and blue logo

Contino Wows Their Clients With New Trade Show Swag, Custom Socks!

Since 2014 Contino has been able to master and amplify the tech industry. With its competitive edge in DevOps, Data, and Cloud Transformation, this consultant agency has upscaled customer service to its clients.

“We wanted a smaller swag item with our mascot, Maurice, on it and these have gone over exceptionally well with clients and at conferences!”

Trade show swag is best impressionable with the practical nature of the item. For instance, when traveling back home, only a few items can make it in your luggage. Custom socks are one that gets packed in all nice and tight every time. Not only do custom socks have the ability to start a conversation, but the small nature of the product and wearability makes a great gift sure to be worn at your next meeting.

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Folsom Lab executives wearing custom socks from Sock Club at speaking event

Folsom Labs Creates A Tradition With Clients Using Custom Socks

Market Leader in solar sales software, Folsom Labs is creating groundbreaking HelioScope developments. Residential and commercial are both welcome to receive solar options with high-performance solar arrays for ranging budgets. Built on the foundation that if there is not something in the market that is up to par, make it yourself.

"We founded Folsom Labs because we saw the need for better software tools to enable high growth in solar."

"We've now done two different sock designs. We give them out to VIP customers, and use them as speakers' gifts for the conference we host (the Solar Software Summit). In fact, now that we're on our second design iteration, the change has become a topic of conversation, e.g., people who "have been customers since the first generation of socks."

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ASI Chicago 2022: My First Time At A Trade Show

Emma Hein at Sock Club trade show booth ASI Chicago 2022

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