"Sock Club is one of our favorite custom swag vendors to work with!" says Michelle Neimeyer, Senior Marketing Coordinator at MBP.
front of MBP custom sock design for trade show swag

MBP is a well-established consulting firm with 33 years of experience. They provide a range of professional services focused on reducing risk and enhancing value in construction projects. Specializing in creative solutions, MBP caters to the infrastructure and facility requirements of both public and private clients. They act as advocates for their clients, offering continuous support throughout the process.

They deliver sustainable and cost-effective solutions tailored to the unique requirements of every project. With a diverse team, MBP consistently surpasses client expectations by delivering quality service, innovative solutions, and timely project completion within budget.

Searching for trade show swag

The team at MBP faced a specific challenge when it came to conference swag items for engaging their event giveaways audience. They had to find the best conference swag that truly excited event attendees. More specifically, lawyers attending the American Bar Association Forum on Construction Law.

MBP's custom sock journey

In their quest for unique and innovative solutions, MBP turned to Sock Club for swag ideas for events. Our high-quality custom socks, designed to align with professional branding, were the perfect choice for MBP's trade show swag.

With their custom branded socks, the team aimed to add a touch of fun to the lawyers' usual professional attire. After adding custom trade show swag to their marketing, MBP was able to leave a memorable impact on their audience.

The success of custom branded socks

In our opinion, custom socks are the best trade show promotional item. The price point, production, and shipping turnaround time were all factors that set Sock Club apart from other trade show swag vendors. However, what ultimately influenced MBP's decision was the high quality of Sock Club's product.

"Sock Club is one of our favorite swag vendors to work with. The staff are communicative and friendly, they are very creative with the different design options, and their products are high quality," says Michelle Neimeyer, Senior Marketing Coordinator at MBP.

Benefits of custom socks as trade show swag

Flexible sizing

Custom socks have gained rising popularity as promotional items for trade shows and event swag. Firstly, they are flexible in sizing, making them suitable for a wide range of attendees. This eliminates the need to worry about ordering different sizes for each participant, streamlining the swag ordering process.

Cost effective

Secondly, custom socks are cost-effective when ordered in bulk. This makes them an attractive option for businesses looking to maximize their marketing budget. Ordering in bulk lowers the cost per pair, enabling companies to invest in additional swag items affordably.

Easy to transport

Additionally, custom socks are carry-on compliant, making them convenient for both organizers and attendees. Socks occupy minimal space, thereby lowering shipping expenses and rendering them a convenient and cost-effective giveaway item. Attendees can easily pack them in their bags without worrying about exceeding luggage weight limits.

Creative opportunities

The ability to customize socks for different events is another advantage. Companies can add their logos, select colors that align with their brand identity, and even include event-specific messaging. This level of personalization allows businesses to create unique and memorable conference swag ideas that resonate with attendees.

Quick turnaround

Custom socks are particularly helpful since they can be produced quickly, leading to a quick delivery for events. Sock Club, for example, offers fast turnaround times without compromising on quality. This allows businesses to meet tight deadlines and have their custom socks ready for their next event.

In conclusion, the custom branded socks have proven to be successful trade show promotional items for MBP. Their team even tailored the socks to each conference's host city, adding a unique touch to their event gifts.

Those who received the pairs have expressed their appreciation for the socks, with many noting them as some of the best giveaway swag.

Feeling inspired by MBP's swag success story? Get started with custom-designed socks that scream your brand's personality. It's this easy: submit your logo, and we'll whip up a few designs that'll have everyone talking about your business.