Use Custom Socks as Donor Gifts

Custom Socks as Donar gift

Think inside the box

Do you have supporters all over the country? We can help send them individualized gifts! Package a custom sock in one of our custom boxes. Just send us a mailing list, and we will take care of the rest!

Sell it before you buy it

A lot of our non-profit clients work with us to create a pre-sale for their socks. Just get a design from us, and send it out to your email list asking for orders. With our standard 7 day turn, we can get those orders filled quickly!

One size fits most

Donors and supporters come in all shapes and sizes, so why wouldn’t your gifts reflect that? Our socks fit a wide range of sizes, enabling easy ordering and gifting.

Can we help you create donor gifts that will enhance your brand and boost supporter loyalty?

One of the most difficult things about finding donor gifts is creating something unique that will stand out and keep your loyal supporters engaged. Our socks are unique from head to toe and are sure to be in demand for years to come.

Take It From Our Clients

Customize Socks

Have Cold Feet?

We understand – it’s hard to make the jump to custom socks from other branded swag. Let us ship you some free samples so you can see (and feel) for yourself.

We're excited to get started!

What would you like to put on your socks?

A Logo

A Face

Get A Quote

Our account managers are standing by and happy to help with any pricing or design questions. The more specific, the better!

Get Free Samples!

We ship out samples using USPS First Class Mail. That means around 2-4 business days for US addresses and 1-2 weeks for international addresses.

Shoot us an email at if you have any special requests or need a faster shipping method.