Use Custom Socks for Party and Event Promotions

Shoe - Fashion accessory

One size fits most.

Your event attendees will come and all shapes and sizes. Avoid the sizing restrictions that come with t-shirts by ordering our one-size-fits-most sock size in our universally appealing crew length.

A variety of sock types.

We have a full catalog of sock types because different socks work better for different purposes. Hosting a dance marathon? Our Cotton Athletic socks might work best for you. Putting on an event for new mothers? Baby socks might make the perfect gift bag item.

Custom packaging.

Want to promote your event hashtag or website? Our custom printed sock packaging is a great way to include event-specific information with each pair of socks.

Put On Your Dancing Socks

Custom socks are a fun and practical giveaway to use as a party favor or VIP gift.

Take It From Our Clients

“Working towards a better tomorrow.” Minot Lions Club has been catering as the world’s largest service club since 1936. Servicing the blind and aiding the visually impaired is why they have committed to servicing communities and youth around the world. With multiple events and fundraisers every year, Ashley from Minot Lions Club was looking for a product that would bring joy, show creativity, and represent their company at their upcoming event.

Deadline driven Ashley said, “knew what artwork I wanted, but I had no idea if or how it would work on socks.

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Have Cold Feet?

We understand – it’s hard to make the jump to custom socks from other branded swag. Let us ship you some free samples so you can see (and feel) for yourself.

We're excited to get started!

What would you like to put on your socks?

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A Face

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Our account managers are standing by and happy to help with any pricing or design questions. The more specific, the better!

Get Free Samples!

We ship out samples using USPS First Class Mail. That means around 2-4 business days for US addresses and 1-2 weeks for international addresses.

Shoot us an email at if you have any special requests or need a faster shipping method.