Use Custom Socks as Company Swag

Product design - Personal protective equipment

One design for a multi-purpose swag item.

Company swag is used for a lot of different purposes, but it is always best if it is tailored specifically to fit your needs. Order one sock design to get bulk pricing and use custom packaging to help them fit each use specifically.

One size fits most wearable.

Since custom socks are a one-size-fits-most item, you will not end up with leftovers at either end of the size range or not have a size to fit prospective clients or employees.

Fully custom top to toe - even with custom packaging.

Create a fully branded custom item that is designed and made specifically to represent your brand. Each design is unique and made to order, and you don’t deal with imprint area restrictions that you experience with other swag items.

Socks Are The New T-Shirt

Your brand is unique, why shouldn’t your promotional items be? Custom socks are a one-size-fits-most wearable that truly allows you to be as creative as you want to be.

Take It From Our Clients

Sock Club partnered with Warren of Industrial Lighting Projects to create a custom sock design featuring ILP and Green Creative logos.

We recently spoke with our friend Warren from Industrial Lighting Products (ILP), a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency lighting products for commercial, industrial, and outdoor lighting applications. Every month, around 180 employees produce over 20,000 lighting products. For over 10 years, Industrial Lighting Projects has been a company that prides itself on high quality and fast delivery.

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Have Cold Feet?

We understand – it’s hard to make the jump to custom socks from other branded swag. Let us ship you some free samples so you can see (and feel) for yourself.

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