Custom Dress Socks

Whether you're needing personalized dress socks as custom men's dress socks, branded dress socks, or custom dress socks for your wedding - our dress style custom crew socks is exactly what you're looking for!

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Custom Socks for the Office

Our dress socks are a premium, higher-quality sock made with cotton material. One size fits most due to its stretch.
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Personalized Dress Socks

Our Flagship socks are 100% made in the USA, from the cotton that the yarn is made from to the boxes that they ship in.
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Custom Dress Socks For Weddings

We get you fully custom, fully woven socks in only 5 days. We never charge rush fees, so we can probably beat that for free - just ask!

Dress Socks With Logo Best Sellers

A custom dress sock with your company’s logo and name is a perfect way to raise brand awareness, customize your office wardrobe, or give as an employee appreciation gift. Simply upload your logo, and get designs in 24 hours. We make custom socks easy!

Ready to Get Next Level Custom Dress Socks?

Get free designs on us, just upload your logo and we'll do the rest!
Get the best personalized dress socks shipped in as soon as 5 days! We take the stress and complication out of ordering bulk dress socks with logos.

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Free Sock Design Service

Let us do the work for you! Our professional sock design team is at your disposal - get custom designed socks in just a few days for free.
Send us your logo or branding and once we design socks for you, you'll also get free design changes until you get your perfect sock design!
Get Custom Sock Designs
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Create Your Own Socks

Our custom sock creator lets you design your own socks online in just minutes!
Customize your socks with logos, sock template patterns, and colors for your perfect custom designed socks!
Design Custom Socks Now
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Graphic Design Sock Templates

Are you graphic design savvy? These custom sock templates are for the pros!
Our Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files give you full reign of your custom sock designs with a step-by-step guide attached to help you along the way.
Download Sock Templates

Get In Touch!

Start your free design process today! Call us at (512) 648-6975 and we'll connect you with one of our helpful Account Managers

Our Best-Selling Custom Dress Socks

Whether you're needing custom dress socks as wedding socks, branded socks, or custom team socks- our dress and athletic style custom crew socks is exactly what you're looking for! Sock Club Custom is a premier sock manufacturer of high-quality custom wholesale socks made in the USA. From operations to production, we control every aspect of your custom dress socks to ensure top quality and fine detail!

What makes our custom crew socks different from others is that every pair of socks is fully knitted. Unlike printed socks where the colors fade quickly and dreaded white lines appear when they’re put on, our custom knit socks maintain color and design integrity making them the perfect custom dress socks!

People often refer to them as custom business socks because they are the perfect solution for conference giveaways, client appreciation gifts, employee holiday gifts, event promotions, and more! You can get customized socks with logo and even custom socks with words, making these custom dress socks the new business card that won’t end up in the trash!
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custom sock designer holding pair of custom socks with office of Sock Club in the background

Our Custom Dress Socks Make for Perfect...

Why Sock Club Custom Dress Socks?

Firstly, because of our professional in-house design team that can create free custom sock designs in 1-2 days. From stripes, to logo, to art, to portraits, to landscapes all being part of the custom sock design - truly you are only limited by your imagination (and brand guidelines)!

Secondly, our custom dress socks are extremely versatile! We offer a one-size-fits-most option which means you don't have to worry about ordering other sizes and they're unisex, which means you can order custom socks bulk for any audience no matter the gender (and even age)!

Thirdly, we specialize in custom knitted socks that we make in the USA at our custom sock manufacturers facilities - so that means we only offer high quality custom socks that won't lose shape, colors, or softness overtime. People often know which are the "good socks" and "bad socks" in their drawers, and ours are great ones that will get worn over and over again!
Lastly, Sock Club is regarded as the best custom sock company in the USA and that's because not only are our socks the highest quality, but we also can get you custom socks fast. Our production turnaround time is only 5 days, and our shipping is just as quick also!

Logo socks on desk for Workday, Zendesk, and gusto
Dane and noah, founders of sock club walking through sock club mills in north carolina

Sock Club Production and USA Made Quality

We are a unique sock manufacturer that owns the entire custom sock-making process from sourcing high-quality cotton to sending custom dress socks to your door. Ultimately, you can feel confident that Sock Club will provide a quality, American-made product, paired with customer support from good people in Austin, Texas - many have referred to us as the best sock company in the USA.

We have been knitting high quality custom socks for some of the world’s finest and most well-known brands for over two generations. We have partnered with numerous vendors that supply American cotton, spin that cotton into usable yarn, dye the cotton, then finish them into custom knitted socks. As sock manufacturers, we’re proud of the partnerships that make up our supply chain and make our custom dress socks possible!

Learn more about our custom made sock manufacturer facilities and team below.