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How does sock design work?

What can you not put on a sock? We design more traditional socks all the time with stripes and polka dots and argyles, but we have also designed socks that were meant to be used as sock puppets, and socks with astronauts and robots on them. Our designers are here to make your ideas come to life.

Since design is always free, mockups and virtuals of your socks are always free as well. We pair you with an Account Manager and a Designer to walk you through the whole process. 

Once we get any static/chloe_assets or direction that you have in mind for your socks, your Designer will get right to work creating completely unique designs for you. We will have a full deck of mockups back to you in 2-3 business days depending on capacity, but we can always accommodate rush orders at no charge. Revisions and/or edits to your designs are always free as well - we want to make sure you get the best socks possible!

We make knitted socks because we can make them mostly out of cotton, they wear better, they stretch better, they keep the integrity of the design better, and they have a higher perceived value. Also, we get to make them out of reactive dyed yarn, which means the color is brighter and truer, and stays that way.

Absolutely! We put logos on socks all the time. Keep in mind that Sock Club Custom socks are knitted, not printed, so there are some size and color limitations that apply. If your logo will not work well in knitted form, we offer custom packaging (link to custom packaging page) to make sure that we represent your brand accurately.

We do not! We always create completely unique designs for each client. If you see something that you like on our Gallery page, just let us know and we are happy to create something similar for you that works for your brand.

Great! We love collaborating with other designers! We recommend that you work directly with our team in case an questions arise in the design process. We are more than happy to provide guidance.

Please download our Sock Design Guide for available colors, Photoshop Sock Design templates, our Illustrator Mockup Template, and general knitting design guidelines.

Use us as a resource! We love talking to people about socks (see: sock nerds), and are more than happy to work with you to answer any questions that you have. Download this helpful guide for tips and tricks when designing a sock.

We have a palette of around 40 different yarn colors that we use for our custom socks. We dye these colors ourselves and keep them in inventory. Almost all of our customers find that their desired colors can be found within our palette, seen in our Sock Design Guide. The colors for your socks are selected from our yarn inventory as the closest match based on your branding. Please let us know if there are any colors from our inventory you would like to see used in your socks.

Sock Club Founders Walking Through Sock Mill
Not your grandmother's knitting needles.

Sock Club Custom’s Free Design policy means that you get the full advantage of our in-house textile design team’s expertise without ever having to pay for it. 

Do you obsess over course counts? Does the thought of using the wrong plating yarn keep you up at night? Do you immediately turn every sock you see inside out to verify the fabric contents? We didn’t think so.

Being self-proclaimed sock nerds might not make us the most fun dinner party guests, but it does make us the best at what we do. Knitting is a high-tech process, and there is a lot to master to make sure that you get the best quality sock in the shortest amount of time. 

That’s why we do it for you.

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