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Why are custom socks the best promotional product?

We hear “socks are hot right now” all the time for a good reason - custom socks make a lasting impression on clients, investors, employees, and donors.

By creating a cool sock, your brand asserts itself as one that is not afraid to have fun and think differently. We can create classic, more conservative designs for your traditional brand or client, or go all the way to artsy, modern patterns for your edgy new brand.

And, with our unique combination of high quality socks made right here in the United States and the fastest turnaround time in the business, we make it super easy to impress your team and your clients.

Custom socks are the best promotional product

How can your company use custom socks?

Company Swag

Socks with your logo on them are a fantastic general branded item for your company. Hand them out to employees, prospects, or just wear them around - our one size fits most option makes them easy to fit any use.

Trade Show Giveaway

Drive traffic to your booth by giving away a promotional product that will not end up in the trash can on the way out of the exhibit hall. You will be surprised to see how people freak out about free socks - trust us.

New Hire Package

Recruiting and hiring quality people is one of the hardest things about running a business. Make your company stand out by giving potential hires something cool that they will actually use, or keep them excited by welcoming them with an awesome gift on their first day.

Company Store

When you are creating an online company store for your employees, it’s hard to find branded items that will store well. It’s even harder to find wearables that are not size dependent. Custom socks solve both of those problems.

Donor/Volunteer Gift

Enough with the tote bags already! Donor appreciation gifts should be memorable and special, and encourage people to keep on giving. Branded socks are something unique that your donors or volunteers will put on at home, keeping your non-profit organization top of mind all the time.

Sports Team Uniforms

Custom athletic socks make a uniform look super sharp and put together. And, with our ability to do any length, from Nike Elite style ankle socks to Knee High soccer socks, we have got you covered. They make a great team fundraiser too!

Corporate Gift

Client appreciation gifts are a great way to inspire brand loyalty and build relationships with your customers. And, with our custom boxes, we can provide the entire gift experience!

Holiday Gifts

NOTHING is cuter than a holiday sock design. Give them out to your employees, clients, or prospective customers as a way to “get a foot in the door” - we know they will love them!

Party/Event Promotion

Brand your socks with your logo, and put the name of your event on your custom packaging. It’s the perfect gift for corporate retreats, launch parties, or even weddings!

Why should you buy custom socks?

You're in good company.

Over half of the 500 S&P companies have trusted us to deliver quality goods that represent their brand in a unique and creative way. Our designers are experts at making sure that your sock design is true to your branding, and will make you look good to your team.

Financial institutions, health care companies, the automotive industry, even dentists - custom socks are a great fit for all kinds of companies

Everybody wears socks.

Socks are practical and useful, meaning your branded socks will get impression after impression from your target. Our unisex designs are great for any audience, and are sure to be worn again and again.

In today’s more casual society, funky socks have replaced funky ties, and cool sneakers have replaced high heels. Fun socks are the way that your prospects are expressing themselves, and a great way to incorporate your brand into their everyday life.

One size fits most.

One of the things that custom socks have over other branded wearables, including custom t-shirts, is that we offer a one size fits most option, meaning you can order fewer and carry less stock. You can buy one size and it will fit almost everyone, easing the ordering, inventory, and distribution process.

We do offer a full range of sizes if you need them. Our standard size offerings range from Baby socks to Adult Large, but, since we own our supply chain, we can always help create something that is unique to your needs.

Shipping is a breeze.

Socks are a small, lightweight, soft good that does not go bad. They pack easily for trade shows, you can order in bulk to use throughout the year, and they will not break or scratch in transit.

We also handle it all for you. We can ship internationally, do individual fulfillment, and even store your order at our facility so that you can ship smaller amounts to different events. Whatever you need, we are here to make it happen.

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