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We hear “socks are hot right now” for a good reason - custom socks make a lasting impression on clients, investors, employees, and donors.

Pairs well with your event.

How can your brand use custom socks?
New Hire Package / Recruiting
Trade Show Handout
Corporate Gifting
Company Swag
Party/Event Promotion
Holiday Gifts
Rebranding Roll-out
Donor Gifts / Pledge Drives
Gift Bags / VIP Perks
Product Launch
Brand Partnership
Sports Team Swag
To read more about how other brands have used Sock Club Custom socks, please visit our Case Studies page.

Why socks?

You're in good company.

200 of the 500 S&P companies have trusted us to deliver quality goods that represent their brand in a unique and creative way. 

Everybody wears socks.

Socks are practical and useful, meaning your branded socks will get impression after impression from your target.

One size fits most.

One of the things that socks have over t-shirts is that we offer a one size fits most option, meaning you can carry less stock. You can buy one size and it will fit almost everyone, easing the ordering, inventory, and distribution process. We do offer a full range of sizes if you need them.

Shipping is a breeze.

Socks are a small, lightweight, soft good that does not go bad. They pack easily for trade shows, you can order in bulk to use throughout the year, and they will not break or scratch in transit. 

Custom swag that is as unique as you are.

By creating a cool sock, your brand asserts itself as one that is not afraid to have fun and think differently. We can create classic, more conservative designs for your traditional brand or client, or go all the way to artsy, modern patterns for your edgy new brand.

Get your custom sock project started now.

We make custom socks easy.

Made in the USA.
10-day standard turnaround.
No rush fees for rush orders.
Free design.