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Sock Club definitely helped us up our swag game with our custom Kuri socks. Our Kuri socks are such a fan favorite that we even get people writing in asking how they can get their hands on a pair!

- Ashley Wakefield, Customer Success Manager

Sock Club made trade show handouts as exciting and unique as their new robot, Kuri, for its product launch.
Mayfield Robotics Sock Design Client Spotlight

The Story

Mayfield Robotics builds home robots that are joyful, useful, and inspiring and their adorable robot Kuri is no exception. With the launch of Kuri, they needed some promotional swag to go along with it that would compliment its uniqueness.

They did not want to order t-shirts because they are bulky and can be difficult to order in correct sizes, and stickers are not always allowed in event spaces. Mayfield looked at a few sock vendors, and chose Sock Club because of the quality of our socks.

Mayfield Robotics uses their custom Kuri socks as swag to give out to anyone and everyone, but mainly to their customers and passionate followers of their robot movement. They make sure to bring their Kuri socks to all of their events - no one ever expects to stop by a robot booth and walk away with a pair of custom Kuri socks!

“We’ve loved our experience working with the Sock Club team, and we were even fortunate enough to visit their headquarters in Austin! We were so impressed by the entire team’s friendliness, passion, and the quality and thoughtfulness behind each pair of socks. Working with Sock Club has been a memorable experience, and our fans can’t get enough of our robot socks!”

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